Adalia Holding

Our dedicated team of experts will advise you from outdoor/greenhouse/indoor cultivation to harvest and processing up to distribution.

Advisory Services for industrial hemp and Medical Cannabis business:

  • Evaluation and risk analysis for industrial hemp and medical Cannabis projects
  • Analysis of operating freedom, products and key competitors
  • Harvesting, processing (cleaning, drying) and warehousing/storing
  • Hydroponics cultivation turn-key service
  • Infrastructure planning and design
  • Surveillance and security
  • Selection of suitable certified industrial hemp varieties for specific utilisation
  • Selection of cultivars for Medical Cannabis projects
  • Advisory on harvest of CBD rich industrial hemp and timing of harvest
  • Advisory on drying CBD rich hemp and further processing
  • Advisory on CO2 and solvent based extraction (parameters: temperature, pressure, volume)
  • Advisory for processing/production
  • Turn-key solutions for fibres and 100% bio plastics
  • Advisory for Medical Cannabis licensing in EU
  • Advisory for Medical Cannabis distribution in EU

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