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We are proud to announce the availability of our new deep Micronisation service on an industrial scale, being able to process 1t/h of industrial hemp biomass and reaching an astonishing 90% average particle size under 10 µm, 99,7% under 20 µm.

Why we are so excited about this result?

Because particle dimension is directly connected to bioavailability on one side (cfr. Particle size reduction is a promising approach to improve the bioavailability of lipophillic drugs) and on the other side is a key factor to increase hemp biomass extraction yield (up to 20% more cannabinoids from the same biomass).

With our Micronization service your product is not falling into the "extracts" category, hence is not classified as Novel Food!
Further to that we can micro encapsulate the micronised biomass to achieve specific functions (e.g. water solubility).

The first major problem encountered in developing a technology suitable for micronising large batches of hemp biomass is the material characterisation itself since due to the cultivar-specific morphological characters, relative humidity, resin content and buds density there's a high variance in starting material and a consequent difficulty in setting a universal high-performance processing method.

Moreover, when reaching such a low particle size the cohesion force tends to form clumps which are clogging traditional equipment as sieves or air classifiers hence the need to undergo an extensive study of the material's structure, composition and behaviour to determine the ideal multi-step pre-processing able to optimally standardise the input material for deep micronisation: only after several trials with latest milling technologies Adalia team was able to fine tune this unique process and have a dramatic cost reduction avoiding the use of nitrogen (commonly needed in cryogenic micronization).

We are able to provide Micronization starting from a 0.5-2mm milled hemp biomass in a Food Grade certified environment; when required, we can upgrade the whole process to be GMP certified.
Only biomass with a Total THC < 0.15% is processed. 

Once our process brings the average particle size to be in the 10-20 µm, we can either offer capsule filling or innovative coating techniques when the customer requires specific applications (e.g. high solubility index for powdered substances addition in beverages, e.g. Canna-drinks).