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SmartGrowthe new Hydroponic Industrial Hemp vertical solution for buds production

What's this?
It's a complete solution in terms of hardware (hydroponic grow room and drying room equipment) and certified EU hemp cuttings for producing hemp flowers highly rich in CBD content. The first supply of cuttings (600+) is included; further cuttings can be ordered ( up to 6-7 production cycles per year).
An initial investment of less than 50k€ with an expected ROI in 4-12 months (depending on the way chosen for market entry, either direct sale or wholesale).

The SmartGrow project started in early 2012, when a pool of botanists, breeders and entrepreneurs joined their passion for Hemp in order to create a product able to assess the market needs while complying to the European regulatory framework.

In 2017 the SmartGrow projects finally reached the market, offering turnkey modular projects for the production of EU-approved Industrial Hemp buds with a high CBD (Cannabidiol) content.
The special phenotype clones selected by SmartGrow are able to produce 7% to 11% CBD and are based on the ELETTA CAMPANA strain.

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Our Industrial Hemp clones are NOT GMO and the growing technique doesn't need any pesticide nor herbicide.

The SmartGrow turnkey modular solution has been realized in collaboration with companies leading the European Hemp growing market, therefore is representing an optimal solution both for beginners and for experienced Hemp growers.

The SmartGrow base module is composed by:
  • a fully custom-equipped 18sqm hydroponic growroom
  • all the appliances for a proper dryroom setup
  • the first supply of our selected Hemp clones

Custom solutions for large deployments can be designed, don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

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